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What is facilitation ?

What is facilitation not ?

Ensuring that the meeting has a clear Objective

Smoothing/Steering path of a meeting

Keeping the ‘Meeting Process’ moving

Establishing Ground Rules

A mechanism to ensure the meetings’ objectives are met

Keeping things running to time

Encouraging the meeting to explore new ideas

Providing stimulation of new ideas - acting as a Catalyst

> Not adding content

> Not a Chairperson or a Leader

> Not a decision maker

> Not High Profile

> Not an Issue owner

> Not a Secretary

> Not Confrontational

> Not getting Aggressive

What are the attributes of a good Facilitator?

Listening and attentive



Probes peoples understanding

Calming influence

Remains focused on the purpose

Able to provide structure


Time keeper

Can Summarise & Re-present views


Neat writing

Able to draw out views - from both strong and not so strong people

Able to manage the ‘meeting process’

Is aware of and able to manage the Team Dynamics

Able to keep things moving through conflict

Establishes process

Is encouraging

Keeps out of the detail - avoids letting the meeting getting ‘bogged down’

Remains responsive to changing circumstances


Facilitation Skills

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