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Reversal - Improving Products and Services

How to use tool:
Reversal is a good tool for improving a product or a service. To use it, ask the opposite of the question you want to ask, and apply the results.

Imagine that you want to improve the response of a service centre. Using Reversal you would ask 'How would I reduce customer satisfaction?'. Answering this question you might give the following answers:

  • Not answering the phone when customers call

  • Not returning phone calls

  • Have people with no product knowledge answering the phone

  • Use rude staff

  • Give the wrong advice

  • Etc.

After using Reversal, you would ensure that staff were handling incoming phone calls efficiently and pleasantly. You would set up training programs to ensure that they were giving accurate and effective advice.

Key Points:
Reversal is a good, easy process for improving products and services. You use it by asking the exact opposite of the question you want answered, and then apply the results appropriately.


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