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gari jenkins


1. Change Overview

Change objectives: what are the overall change objectives (narrative and “numerical” description)?


What are the primary means by which the objectives will be achieved?


What is the sequence and timing of change/roll out? (“Big picture” description of what will happen when)


2. Business Benefits

What are the business benefits? (Cost, profit, other) and when will they be realised?


What must happen to achieve these benefits?

  • Leadership style;

  • Values & culture;

  • Work Processes and/or systems;

  • Structure and Role design;

  • Capabilities/competencies;

  • Reward & Performance Management (objectives, monitoring, coaching, assessment);

  • HR Processes (recruitment, succession planning etc.)

Who is critical for successful implementation?

  • Who are the key stakeholders?

  • What are their issues/worries/concerns?

  • What are their hopes/expectations?

  • Therefore, what actions are required to ensure success?

3. Change Action Plan

What are the key actions required? What is the timing, responsibilities, critical path, milestones?

Actions Who When Dependencies/Critical Path

4. Change Infrastructure

What are the roles for achieving change?

Roles Accountabilities Success Measures Reward


What processes will be used to manage the change (e.g. communication, challenging, monitoring, making the change happen)?

Change Mgt

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