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Change Assessment


The attached documents contain questionnaires and other assessment tools that can give an organisation a good indication of how ready it is for change, how likely the change programme is going to succeed, etc . . .


> Readiness for Change

A questionnaire that assesses how susceptible the organisation is to change.

> Assessing Possible Resistance

This survey will determine a 'Resistance Factor' and highlight key areas where effort has to be spent to overcome blockers or weaknesses.
> Probability of Success

A Maturity Matrix that looks at 7 key drivers for change. 

> Implementing Healthcheck

A quantifiable measure of the chance of success. 

> Change Agent Assessment

The change agent is the essential link between the sponsor, who legitimises the change, and the targets who actually change. Therefore, agent skills are critical to the success of the change project.  This assessment consists of 13 questions which represent the key competency areas required to be a successful change agent.

> Communication Audit

A simple checklist to help an organisation prepare its Communications Plan. 

> Change Presentation (good)

An excellent powerpoint presentation that examines the journey a company should make as it implements change.  Well worth a quick flick through. 


Change Mgt

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