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gari jenkins


If we consider the types of people commonly found in an organisational change situation, there are generally 4 types:


At the start of a change programme, most people are spectators.  Therefore, we need momentum & communication to move them into the 'Player' group.

The Cynics break down into 2 groups:

  • those that are cynical due to previous experiences BUT still care for the goodwill of the company,

  • those that are cynical, PERIOD, and don't care about the company.

Must move fast to win over the first group of cynics since this group can contain some bright and intelligent people who could become your change champions.  Must also move fast to contain & remove the latter group since they are likely to become change blockers or change survivors.

The walking dead, bless them, will need to be dealt with in due course.  Front of the queue for the next round of redundancies.  Why did you have them in the first place ?


Change Mgt

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